Sunday, 29 April 2012


Not everything that we saw is the truth
Not everything that we heard is the truth either.
Not everything that we read is the truth.
The truth doesn't simply show itself.
Then how do we know the truth?
Seek for it.
Then think, a step ahead.
Only after we did that, we can finally say we seek for the truth.
Not just by simply said we are saying the truth.
The world is full of hypocrite-ness.
Why try so hard to be part of it?
We said the others are just being bullshit.
But we don't realized, we,sometimes being like that too.
Oh maybe i forgot to tell you.
This world is madness.
Use your brain, you survive.
Get drag with the madness, u will went to Mato i guess.
You gain not that much there.
But at least there is cool creature there.
Only if it exist.

P/s : If u believe that law will protect the people, believe me it won't when it comes to certain extend. Cakap jgn mcm tin kosong, bunyi ja hebat, isi habuk pon tarak. Gebang ja lebih. Your arguments are not valid. Period.

sila-sila lah komen :)


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