Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Aku just nak bagitahu yg aku memang macam tu
Bila bercakap dgn kaum bukan sejenis aku,

Nak tengok mata cukup payah.
Bukan berlagak cuma malu tak tentu arah

Sebab orang kata dari mata turun ke hati.
Tp bukan dgn semua aku mcm ni

Kalau kau lelaki tapi aku boleh tengok mata kau
Maknanya aku yakin yang dari mata turun ke hati tak apply kat kau

Jadi jangan jaja aku berlagak
Sebab hanya yg terpilih aku mcm teragak-agak.

sila-sila lah komen :)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Hidup masih begini.
Penghujung, busy.
Semua nak longgok waktu ni.
Tapi nak mengeluh pon tak daya.
Dah memang tanggungjawab kita.
Yalah tak buat semua tu nak buat apa lagi kita.
Emosi yang sama.
Dua tiga kali mahu henti dan lari.
Tapi berbaloikah kalau ikut hati.
Ada hati yang kena jaga.
Kena berkorban kalau nak selesa.
Kalau kita tak percaya diri.
Siapa lagi nak tolong diri.
Selesai masalah kalau mengeluh di maya?
Kalau tidak,
Bangun & bergerak.
Dunia tu tak seteruk mana.
Cuma kita yang selalu nak puas hati kita.
Itu susah.
Ini susah.
Begini susah.
Begitu susah.
Hidup memang tak ditakdirkan statik.
Tolonglah jadi realistik.

sila-sila lah komen :)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

That moment

That mental breakdown moment when you have been staring at the same page for more than one hour but still not able to come out with the gist of what the madness is all about. Arghhhh!

P/S : Sabaq farah sabaq.

sila-sila lah komen :)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


M : No I can't. The circumstances just don't allow me. I need to solve all this madness first. If I mumbo jumbo it with that thing, i'm afraid things will get worse.

A : Is that a valid reason?

M : I guess so...

A : What if thing turn out as if you mumbo jumbo them, you will solve the madness. If that happen, what say you?

M : Ermmm... Obviously I have no answer for that question.

sila-sila lah komen :)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Voice of My Heart

As much as I want to forget, I can't help but to remember.
As much as I want to be happy, I can't help but to feel gloomy.
As much as I want to be away, I can't help but to stay.

sila-sila lah komen :)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Feel So Bad

Let's just stop...

sila-sila lah komen :)

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Forgive me

I've been thinking about it for awhile. It always bother me.Back the days, I didn't gave much attention to it but now that it keeps appear in my mind I can't help but to think about it. As i keep thinking about it, it appear to be not just something but it had become hmm if i need to put it in easy way to understand it will be something called problem. It bothers me. Sometimes way too much. To make things worse I don't have the gut to voice this out. Not even to anyone. Sometimes I wish everything will be okay only by crying. But I know things won't work that way so I hold back my tears. Maybe the tears is not worth to be spill out for something like this. As i don't have any other way I decide to come here and write something. Not because i want the whole world to know that i have some the so called problem but i just will feel better by doing this. Writing. Also not because i want someone to come and console me that everything is okay. I don't want that too. I don't know. I did everything that i could to fulfill the thing that everybody call responsibility. Maybe i'm not perfect but please believe that i try to do my best. Always. Or maybe my best is not enough. I try my best not to bring up what i have done since i do that not for rewards nor recognization. But since i'm a human with heart sometimes i'm hurt too. When i have to went through those kind of situation, my heart hurts. After a few times going trough the same situation me sometimes also feel like crying and shouting to the whole world telling everybody that here i am, a human, with heart and now i'm hurting. But here i am, keeping everything inside so that nobody will get hurt because of me. Sometimes i'm tired and afraid. Afraid that someday everything will be bottled up and i will explode. I don't know. I thought i'm the one who act too sensitive until I heard that. Yeah i heard something that put my heart a lil bit at ease.  I will try to keep calm and try my very best. I hope things will go well. I can't afford to be hurt again. I'm not even in love, but my heart just have too much scars already. So please spare me. Butakhae.

sila-sila lah komen :)

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