Thursday, 24 May 2012


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

                 Saat aku mengetuk keyboard aku untuk tulis entri ni jam menunjukkan 4.33 pagi Khamis. Ya dan aku masih lagi tak tidur. Sebabnya dah hilang dah rasa ngantuk lepas dengan gigih memerah otak jawab soalan torts sampai kering kontang dah otak. Ok lewah sangat. Entri kali ni dibuat just untuk peringatan diri sendiri ja. Just in case aku lupa benda2 yang nak ditulis ni so aku tulis merata-rata untuk ingatkan diri sendiri. Tolak minggu depan cuti seminggu, tinggal dalam 3 minggu ja lagi nak final exam. Omo. So entri kali ni adalah untuk ingatkan diri aku sendiri apabenda yang aku kena bereskan sebelum cuti, semasa cuti, n sebelum final. Phew~

- Presentation torts (24/5/2012)
- Skrip korea (4/6/2012)
- Listening test korea (4/6/2012)
- Written assignment ctu (4/6/2012)
- Skrip video koku (Waktu cuti)
- Test 2 BEL (6/6/2012)
- Assignment Consti (6/6/2012)
- Test 2 MLS written law (6/6/2012)
- Summary report BEL (Week 13/14)
- Report presentation individual BEL (Week 13/14)
- Submission video koku (14/6/2012)
- Submission video korea (No date yet)
- Writing n speaking test korea (Second week after break)

                    Dan dengan itu sesiapa boleh tolong bagitau kenapa cuti tu dipanggil cuti. Tak rasa ka lebih sesuai dipanggil assignment week. sobs. Aku dapat rasa yang kerja ni akan bertambah sebab contract tak dapat assignment pon lagi. Takkan tak dak pulak kan sebab tak dak assignment carry mark nak mai kot celah mana. Takpa la kerja banyak pon. Nama pon pelajar kan. Satgi tak dak kerja pon boring jugak. Buat assignment boleh la jugak tau aku ni hampeh kat bahagian mana. Matlamat cuti tu nak siapkan consti, BEL, CTU dengan study korea. Mungkin aku patut ubah bukan nak tapi kena siapkan. Korea takpa tiap2 hari aku study. ewah. Study jala terer nya dak jugak.heh. Semoga berjaya lah Farah mengharungi hari-hari yang sudah terang lagi bersuluh agak berliku. Yang penting weekend ni kita p berawesomeness dulu sebelum balik.weeehuuu~

p/s : Ahad ni balik rumah. Balik! balik! balik! (baca mcm org tengah demonstrasi) oppss~

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Still Fly

Why should give up when u don't even bother to try. 
Why should give up when u can fly high up to the sky.
The world will never be according what u want it to be.
So does that allow u to stop climbing n stay quietly?

" My plane never landed it only departs " - Zico

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Friday, 18 May 2012

Only Tears

Nice song, nice voice, nice to listen to..

The English translation. Enjoy!
I love you. I’m sorry. But I can’t do this anymore.
I don’t even have the right to get close to you. Don’t love me. 
I don’t have the ease of being able to give you my heart
I live every day beyond my strength, each day is too much so I cry.
Oh, I… I don’t have anything I can give you, (but I’m) missing you.
I can’t even give you loving words, but I’m missing you.
I can’t even boldly wish for you to be mine, but I’m missing you.
So I push you away.

Because I’m a guy who has nothing but his own heart.
I’m holding back, even though it hurts. Even tears are a luxury for me.
I don’t even have the right to look at you. Don’t look at me.
I know that my heart is wherever you are.
Close enough our breaths can touch, always in that same place.

Oh, I… I don’t have anything I can give you, (but I’m) missing you.
I can’t even give you loving words, but I’m missing you.
I can’t even boldly wish for you to be mine, but I’m missing you.
So I push you away.

I hold back more because I love you more than anyone else in this world.
Oh I… I can’t hold your hand, but I’m missing you.
I’m worried I might just have my tears to hold, so I’m missing you.
I can’t tell you to stay with me, but I’m missing you.
So it’s too much, but in the end…

It’s because I’m a man who has nothing but his own heart.
Credit by ragamuffinlyrics & pop!gasa

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hello To Myself.

Basically this song is dedicate to our very own self. I've been listening to this song since it being released. It's inspire me. How about you? It is nice to sooth your heart sometimes. Enjoy!

p/s : Ye Eun is great as usual ;)

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Too Awesome To Describe


                  Hello hello today I start my entry with Hanguk. Why? Later u will know lah. And why do this entry is in English. Why? because I want to so just let me do it. It had been awhile since I last updated my forever alone blog.hihi. I have no interest in telling people any stories for the past few weeks and i don't know why i'm being like that. Until last Sunday came and it made me want to tell the whole world what kind of experience I've been through. Ok over. Oh before I start please excuse me my not so classy English. Well i'm a Malay after all. Bear with my grammar mistakes.

                    Ok now let me start. Last Sunday when i was about to eat my lunch, suddenly my housemate asked me " Wei hang nak p dak tengok Jay Park. Tiket lebih ni. Free ". Kyaaaaaaa~ and u don't even have to ask what my answer was. For sure la I said YES!. Thanks to my friend who is very lucky to get the free ticket, five of us got to be there watching Jay Park live in front of our very own eyes. weehuuuu~ 

The ticket!

                       So we went to the event place, KL Live. We went there by car and surprisingly we found our way there. huhu. It said that the show will start at 7 but as expected it only started at 8.10 p.m. Oh while we were on the line to enter the showcase area, i were right behind a Korean family. We chatted with them a bit and my friend excitingly told them that I could speak Korean so I replied that I only know ' Chokum'. Not that great yet. hihi. Oh chokum is a little bit. So when we enter the showcase area, fuhhh the feeling was awesome. The stage was sooo near and oh my i can't even describe the feeling. Although i feel a lil bit sad  to leggo my tumbler at the security entrance but once i got in there i forgot about the sadness. muahahaha. I can always buy a new one. wink wink. So I had a great time there. Here are some pictures and all the credits goes to my friends Azarith.

The awesome weii Baki was the host of the night

Andddddddddd we were very lucky. U know why? because while we were on the line to enter the showcase we were being interviewed by Gibbo from 8tv Nite Live. Please take note that we were on tv but because all of us don't even own a tv so we can't even watch us on tv. Ok forget about that haha. The awesome part about being interviewed was we won tickets for Jay Park's basketball match that will be held the very next day. Yayyyy!! Free tickets lagiiiii. That is beyond awesomeness. muahahaha. So the very next day we went to watch the basketball match. It was held at Sri KDU International School, Kota Damansara. We lost while getting there but thanks to Abang Fadhli from Petronas petrol station we got there safely although it took us two hours to get there -_- . Sadly i don't get the pictures from my friend yet so i'll edit and upload the pictures later. The basketball match was great and the lucky fans that got to play with him... sigh~ very lucky laaa. But i'm lucky too. I got to meet and see him right in front of my eyes. How? I got the fansigning pass. hihi. I met him in person and he smiled at me. kyaaaaa~ I admit i'm not a devoted jaywalkerz but the feeling was sooooooo awesomeee. What u don't believe me? here is the evidence. haha

Here comes the pics for the basketball match!!

So the event finished at about 9 p.m and u know what make us feel so stupid? We only took 30 minutes to go back to Shah Alam. That shows that we were totally lost when we were going to Damansara. Sigh. But thats okay because we had a blissful time there. The time we spent together, I mean with my friends are precious. It was nice to mingle around with new friends. Great experience indeed. :D

p/s : Another two week i'll be having the overflowing awesomeness again. This is foreseeable.hihi

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Saturday, 5 May 2012


It beats fast,
It beats faster than usual,
The heart beats faster than usual,
I'm worried,
I'm afraid,
I'm afraid I would fall,
I'm afraid when i fall it leaves scar,
I don't want to add another scar,
Because it hurts,
Because it will be too painful too handle,
Because i don't want to mess up my life,
 at least for this moment,
But this is involuntarily, 
It comes and i'm afraid,
I'm afraid when it beats fast,
I don't know,
I have no sulotion,yet.
Why does it beats faster than usual? 

p/s : Why oh why???

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